Jan 07

Affiliate Overthrow Review – How It Works

Michael Beeson and Bobby B have truly refined the online income system known as Affiliate Overthrow and tweaked it so that any newcomer can hit the ground running. Let’s take a look at how exactly it works:

Inside Affiliate Overthrow:

I found this video and felt like I should put it on this blog because it shows how a member was able to use these same techniques to generate a solid income online.

If you want to get the bonus they are talking about in the video, just click here to watch on YouTube and then follow the instructions in the description below that Affiliate Overthrow video.

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Jun 08

Affiliate Overthrow Review – Scam or Legit?

I guess you’re probably just like me – looking for a foolproof way to make real money on the internet, and you’re wondering if Affiliate Overthrow is any different than the rest. You may have made some of the same mistakes I have of wasting $47 on one internet marketing product here, another one there. None of them ever seemed to work, and I just got sick and tired of it. I kept getting ripped off by people claiming to make me tons of affiliate income when really they were just earning money off of me and then leaving me in the dust!

“Affiliate Overthrow does not offer to make you millions, but they do provide you with the real and effective tools that get you earning a decent income fast”

Well, your search is over, and it is time for you to stop wasting money, because you have finally found something that actually works.

Click here to see what has worked for me, and what can easily work for you. Upon review, you will notice that Affiliate Overthrow does not offer to make you millions, but they do provide you with the real and effective tools that get you earning a decent income fast. It is up to you and your determination how far you take it, but they practically hold your hand through the whole process of making your first few hundred bucks. Then, all you do is copy your own success! Why would David Michael Beeson and Bobby B help you do this for only $34? Because the more they help you earn, the more they earn without it costing you anything! They are truly driven to help you succeed.

Is Affiliate Overthrow a Scam?

I was fed up, and I figured it was time to get back at the gurus that had promised so much and delivered nothing. It was time to share a review of a product that has finally worked for me, and in fact, it is how you found this website! See, the game is all about setting up the right website and driving massive amounts of traffic to that website. Affiliate Overthrow was the product that finally taught me how to earn real affiliate income.

The Proof – Affiliate Overthrow Bonus (Free Download)

To prove to you in this review that Affiliate Overthrow is not a scam, I am going to give you a bonus. Unlike other review sites, you don’t even have to purchase anything to get this bonus! The bonus is a free PDF document that you can download that includes TONS of amazing techniques that can get you started building your unique and effective affiliate marketing empire right now. When you download this free bonus, look over it and see that what I am offering is real information, not junk. When you agree, then you will know that I am not lying about Affiliate Overthrow reviews.

Discount Link

Also, instead of paying $77, I am providing you with a discount link to get it for only $34. I signed up right away because the 60-day money back guarantee really helped with the whole trust issue. If Affiliate Overthrow does not work out for you within two months, you get all of you $34 back. That’s not just a personal promise from David Michael and Bobby B, it is a regulation they have to follow with the vendor company they use.

How do I get my Free Bonus?

Great question. I did not forget! All you need to do is sign up for instant download access to your best internet marketing guide. Use the form on the sidebar on the right and just enter your name and email. Confirm your subscription and click the download link. Review the document and perhaps try out some of the techniques. If you like it, then I know you will love Affiliate Overthrow!

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Feb 27

How To Generate Safe Commissions With Facebook

There are so many different methods for brand building on the internet. Facebook is just one of those methods. It won’t matter what type of business you are running as long as you are trying to get noticed more and need a new approach for your marketing, Facebook is your best option. But how are you really supposed to use Facebook for growing your business?

Using Facebook Pages For Simple Commissions

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in recent years you know just how big and powerful Facebook has become. But there are still so many entrepreneurs who haven’t started to embrace Facebook pages yet; why? It’s really because most people enjoy watching other people take action.

In order to generate positive reactions to your efforts with social media, humorous content is always a plus. When people are tickled by humorous postings on their feed, they will be more inclined to share them with their friends. That can be an easy way to get free advertising.

You need to start benefiting from the social networking revolution that has grabbed hold of the internet. Become one of the popular users of Facebook and use that to raise yourself up in the business world too. While it isn’t the simplest thing in the world for generating passive commissions, it also isn’t the hardest; if you begin taking your actions today, the results will be apparent tomorrow, and it’s a safe bet that it will work.

Put a Facebook “like” button on the homepage of your blog, in the top right corner. This allows people to “like” you on Facebook. Having this directly on your blog lets your visitors “like” you without having to leave your page. The easier you make it for your users, the more likely people will “like” your page and increase your exposure.¬†You want the people who “like” your fan to know what you’re up to, so keep them updated. You should, therefore, post frequent updates and, though they don’t have to be long, they should include something interesting or helpful.

Be certain to utilize numerous outlets when crafting a social media marketing plan. It’s well known that Facebook is one of the most popular social sites, but don’t sell yourself short by sticking with Facebook only. Use many of the lesser known websites as well to gain the attention of even more customers.

It should not even have to be mentioned, but make sure that your profile is done to the highest quality of your business. Use your account solely for your business goals. Giving your prospects a glimpse of who you are and what your company does is the way to build a brand.

Each and every one of your updates must be targeted at your audience and be professional. A person can lose respect for your business if they see something on your profile that they consider offensive.

Facebook can be a powerful way to grow your business, and the above strategies are ones you should apply as often as possible. Facebook has become one of the top ways to market an online business, as nowhere else can you so easily reach such large numbers of prospects. Facebook is an unprecedented arena for publicizing your brand and for reaching out to your target audience.

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Oct 21

Affiliate Overthrow vs. Click Cash Commissions

Why Click Cash Commissions?

As we stated in previous posts, Affiliate Overthrow is definitely a great program designed by Michael Beeson and Bobby B. It is designed to help people set up affiliate commissions campaigns by giving away their most successful websites that are already earning money. You can then reverse engineer these websites and learn how to build them for yourself in order to start making money online yourself.

However, as we go through and review the many different products that are launched nearly every day, we feel it is important to discuss new products in a similar category to determine whether they are better and more effective than the last.

Is Click Cash Commissions Better Than Affiliate Overthrow?

We wanted to provide our audience with completely unbiased information. As you read in our last post, we had created a market research program where you could download the information for free that taught the exact same “make money online” principles as Affiliate Overthrow.

Now that we have tried out Click Cash Commissions, we have decided to compare it to Affiliate Overthrow in this review. In order to provide honest and unbiased information (unlike other sales-only-oriented reviews), we are putting Click Cash Commissions through its paces and publicly revealing our successes and failures with it on our Facebook page. You can access this page here:


There, you will see us update our daily ClickSure, Clickbank, and Amazon snapshots so that you can see whether we are really earning with the Click Cash Commissions program or not. So far, it seems to be working incredibly fast and with very little work.

Click Cash Commissions In Action:

Check it out and qualify for FREE SUPER BONUS


It appears that with the Click Cash Commissions system, you do not need to have any kind of experience, but you also do not have to read through pages of material or watch hours of videos.

The way the Click Cash Commissions system is set up is that it provides the users with cutting-edge automation software that really makes setting up high-converting commissions campaigns a breeze, and they begin to provide a return on investment very rapidly.

We initially believed it to be a scam, but apparently they are actually owning up to their promises. We have yet to make $20,000 in one day, but unlike the many scams out there, we were able to generate $118 in just our first four days of using the Click Cash Commissions system.

Check Us Out On Facebook

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Sep 12

Market Research Giveaway!

Affiliate Overthrow – Review Exposes Traffic-Funneling and Commission-Harvesting Secrets

The internet marketing coaching program developed by Bobby B and Michael Beeson known as “Affiliate Overthrow” is absolutely a home-run. Perhaps the better news is we’ve developed a course that teaches you the exact same step-by-step principles for the price of the air you breathe.

Hey! Jeroen here on behalf of Affiliate Overthrow Reviews to welcome you to an exciting opportunity that won’t cost you a dime. We value your input as we’re collecting data in regards to the new wave of internet entrepreneurs that is taking autopilot commissions by storm.

Making money online can be a tough break right? Well if you haven’t quite given up yet, or you’re just now getting started, allow us to introduce a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could save you a big headache and years of time.

Our affiliate marketing course is designed for people from all stages of internet marketing. Newbies, veterans, and those just scraping by are encouraged to take a peek into this unique revelation of guru tactics vs. proven, justifiable methods of attaining huge online profits.


It is available to anyone who is serious about making money online at no cost for a limited time while we collect market research data.

If you are here to check out Affiliate Overthrow, you will find the official details of that phenomenal coaching product if you click here.

If you are someone that tends to hold on to their hard-earned money and would like to take advantage of a free give-away to get the same value at no cost, please allow us a few minutes to explain the details:

Get the Affiliate Overthrow Secrets for $0?

Well the truth about generating an exponentially growing autopilot affiliate income online comes down to one simple formula, and Affiliate Overthrow is just another product to sell this formula to you.

The price of Affiliate Overthrow is great, and they do add in one big extra. If you purchase it, they actually give you their best money-making sites for you to reverse engineer.

However, with every new internet marketing product coming out nearly every day, the formula for making money online has not changed. So… we’ve decided to give this formula away for free, and all you have to do is register below for instant access at no cost:

(same as form in sidebar)

What’s the Formula for Making Money Online?

Affiliate OverthrowThe most effective way to make money online is by affiliate marketing and advertising.

You create some simple little niche websites focused on lucrative and popular keywords; this is a crucial but simple and quick step.

Then the hard part comes (which is hard if you have no course to teach you). Getting traffic to your niche websites, which sell affiliate products and have CPA ads, is done through backlinking.

Getting the right backlinks, quality backlinks, and high volumes of backlinks is difficult to do manually and without someone to show you exactly how to do it.

So, setting up your website properly in just minutes, optimizing it for the search engines, getting tons of quality backlinks on autopilot, and writing a good money post are the basics for a successful autopilot cash machine.

Make sense? Not to worry! Everything is covered in baby steps, and our personal contact information is even included in the 100% free, downloadable course.

“…but how do I do all of that? How do I do all the intermediate steps correctly?”

That’s exactly what will be answered in the free affiliate marketing course in rich detail with example sites and case studies.

What Exactly is in your Free Affiliate Marketing Course?

The video above is pretty crappy quality, and we apologize for that. However, it illustrates exactly all of the step-by-step details needed for making money online from scratch. It’s not just about making money online, but like Affiliate Overthrow, it is all about nurturing and cultivating an ever-growing autopilot income. This allows you to become a self-sufficient internet entrepreneur with unlimited profit potential.

You Will Learn How To:

    Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Plan of Attack
  • Properly Conduct Hardcore Keyword Research & Competition Minimization
  • Build Killer SEO Niche Websites (like Affiliate Overthrow)
  • Develop Tons of Genuine and Authority Backlinks on Autopilot
  • Attract Colossal Volumes of Laser-Targeted Web Traffic
  • Maximize Conversions with Secret Monetizing Strategies
  • Make Money with Other People’s Videos
  • Successfully Run Email Marketing Campaigns (your own Opt-In Bonus Included)
  • Start Earning ASAP with Product Launches and Video Marketing
  • …And Many More Ways to Maximize Autopilot Commissions Online

…And you will learn to do all of this without having any experience, an existing website, products of your own, or providing any customer service ever!

So, are you still interested in Affiliate Overthrow (click here), or would you rather get instant access to an identical course for free (sign up above)?

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May 22

Welcome to Affiliate Overthrow Reviews Dot Com

Affiliate Overthrow is a brand new product from Michael Beeson and Bobby B. Come back soon for in-depth and unbiased reviews of this promising new product oriented around the coaching and training of earning explosive commission checks and building your internet marketing empire. A huge bonus will be revealed regarding how to get free traffic to you sites to skyrocket your online success.

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